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Award-winning Irish language course

Learn Irish with Buntús Cainte is an award-winning online course that takes you from complete beginner to basic fluency in around 30 hours.

With thousands of native speaker audio recordings, beautiful illustrations and helpful grammar notes, our interactive course will quickly build your confidence in reading, writing and speaking Irish. We’ve used the latest technology and learning methods to create a modern, engaging digital course. Because you learn best when your brain is challenged by lots of different types of interactions, we’ve created lots of roleplays, questions and notes to help you master Irish pronunciation and nail some tricky grammar.

We’ve been helping people learn Irish online for nearly ten years.

So we’ve learned a lot about how people like to study. That’s why we’ve created the perfect subscription package for you. There’s no long minimum subscription – you can sign up for just one month and continue your membership for as long as you want. Even better – you’re protected by our no-quibble, money-back guarantee.

So register now to get started in minutes.

Thousands of people have learned Irish with Buntús Cainte. You can too.

Sign up for gold membership, and for just €2.99 you can immediately access all of our six courses. Each course has ten lessons, which cover all the Irish you’ll need in basic conversation. First you’ll learn new Irish vocabulary, then you’ll put your knowledge straight to work in a roleplay, before testing yourself with a quiz!

And you don’t stop learning after your course. You can join our community of experienced teachers and learners just like you, so you can try your Irish out or discuss what you’ve learned in more depth.

What our learners say:

“I love it, I love the little cartoon cards and the fact that I can keep hitting the card if I find it hard to pronounce a word. Pity we didn’t have something as fun as this when I was in school!”

“I’m loving these lessons! After 30 years of trying to learn Irish Gaeilge, this is the first lesson plan I can sink my teeth into. I am actually learning Gaeilge. Go raibh maith agat!”

“My husband is a native Irish speaker and cannot believe how well the lessons are put together – very well done!”

“My 11 year-old daughter uses this program…and she really loves it. She spoke Irish in her introduction in the Arizona Little Miss Shamrock competition…she impressed the judges so much that she won!”

You can get started in seconds – register now and you can try the first lesson free. No credit card details required!

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