The History of Buntús Cainte

buntus cainte rteBuntús Cainte was originally a hugely successful humorous television programme. It was first broadcast in 1967 by Radio Telefís Éireann (RTÉ) in Ireland (view a clip here).

The programme was written by Tomás Ó Domhnalláin. He wanted to teach conversational Irish to complete beginners as a living language, and without repetitive grammar.

The TV series was accompanied by a booklet and vinyl records. By November 1967, 218,000 copies of the Buntús Cainte lessons booklet had been sold – it was a massive success.

Buntús Cainte was also published in a series of three books which include the original cartoons, the English and Irish text, and an audio CD.


  1. cuisle

    I used to have the Buntús Cainte books and tapes. I’ve even been to Gaeilge courses, but it’s very hard remembering things.

  2. Dale Dennis

    I have two sets of the books, and have captured all the lessons from the audio tapes and converted them to CD. The online lessons here only go through the first book. I had to order the audio cassettes from Ireland about twenty or so years ago, then captured them myself and cut them into the various lessons. A lot of work!

  3. Thomas kenny

    Can someone please tell me how to Opt out of this method of learning Irish. I have tried everything to cancel my Account but to no avail. Help…i do not want to revert to stopping my direct debit as i should be able to simply cancel. Cheers

    1. LiamOM

      Thomas, a Chara,
      I have cancelled your subscription. I have just taken over the website as of today 1st nov 19.
      Is mise